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=====Purge Strikes Back to Android!=====


v0.3 released with UI for Honeycomb and above (ICS)!


I missed the "purge" feature on the old [[ | PalmOS]]:

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"Purge" is a simple feature to do the cleanup work: delete all old messages older than N days. Yes Android is much more powerful compare to Palm OS in the old days, and it can keep "almost everything" (actually for SMS, it will keep only the recent ~70 messages per conversation and automatically delete old ones). But I don't like to keep too many meaningless "everything", I prefer the old Palm way.

So I scratched my own itch, here comes Purge Strikes Back!

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Something I must mention is that for SMS deletion, I used some undocumented API. What did this mean? It means that this app may or may **NOT** work for you. It may or may **NOT** work as you expected. It may **DELETE ALL YOUR SMS** even you didn't mean to. It works on my Nexus One with Froyo and system Message app, it may not work with other phones, Android versions or Message apps. And it may break anytime even it works fine for you now. You take it totally on your own risk.

The call log deletion is implemented with system API, which should works fine, but I took no responsibility for your unexpected data loss, either.

So you'd better **BACKUP YOUR SMS BEFORE TRYING IT**. Personally I'm using [[ | SMS Backup +]] to do this for me and it works fine (it also backups call logs, too). There may be better ones but this is a choice you can consider.


====How to Get It====

Scan the QR code below to [[ | get it on Google Play]]:

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Or [[ | download it]] from its [[ | GitHub repo]]. It's free. You can also get the source code there, licensed under [[ | GPL v3]].

==== Acknowledgement====

Some UI elements took from another awesome open source Android app [[ | Financisto]], which is licensed under GPL v2.
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