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It's an Android app and Telegram bot that forwards Android notifications to Telegram.

There's a blog post to explain the story behind it


How do I add an app to NotifBot?

Basically, share the app from Google Play to NotifBot. Here are the detailed steps:

Alternatively, you can also add apps using the Magic Box, using either of:

How do I connect with Telegram?

The Telegram bot is @AndroidNotificationBot.

You can use either the /start command or the "START" button to get an URL.

Open the URL with NotifBot app will connect the app with the bot. Alternatively, you can copy the message and go back to NotifBot app, it will get the URL from clipboard automatically.

How do I disconnect with Telegram?

You can use /stop command in Telegram bot to revoke the connection URL.

How to get it

It's available for free on Google Play. It's also open source with New BSD License.
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